BioCore SEC-150HP Columns for Low-Molecular-Weight Heparins

Asnail co-developed the BioCore SEC-150HP analytical column and corresponding guard column, tailored for determining molecular weight (MW) and MW distribution of low-molecular-weight heparins.


Molecular weight (MW) and its distribution are important characteristics of heparins, a family of anticoagulants with polydisperse, heterogeneous polysaccharide chains. Current compendial methods for heparin molecular weight determinations involve size-exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Asnail co-developed the BioCore SEC-HP columns, tailored for molecular weight (MW) and MW distribution.

The combination of BioCore SEC-150HP analytical column and SEC-150 guard column is recommended for molecular weight determinations of low-molecular-weight heparins, such as enoxaparin sodium.

Better peak resolution for low-molecular-weight heparins

Heparin polysaccharide chains are hard to separation. With BioCore SEC-150HP analytical column, better resolution between adjacent peaks are obtained.

SEC chromatogram of low-molecular-weight heparins
SEC chromatogram of low-molecular-weight heparins

Baseline separation is almost achieved between the best-separated peaks (MW 1,200 and 600, respectively)

Better separation between sub-peaks of low-molecular-weight heparins
Better separation between sub-peaks of low-molecular-weight heparins

Great durability with over 100 injections

Heparin samples are very complex and challenge column durability. As shown in the figure bellow, with BioCore SEC-150HP analytical column, minimal variation between 30 injections of LMWHs samples can be observed.

Superior reproducibility
Overlay of chromatograms of 30 injections, showing the first 16 injections

According to feedback from customers, BioCore SEC-150HP analytical column can be used over 100 injections. This durability reduces your cost per injection to 1/3 to 1/4, compared to SEC columns from other vendors.


Separation mechanism Size-exclusion chromatography
Packaging type USP L59
I.D. 7.8 mm Length 300 mm
Matrix Monodisperse silica particle Functional group Diol
Pore size 150 Å Particle size 5 μm
pH range 2 – 8 Maximum pressure 6,000 psi
Calibration range
(globular proteins)
5,000 – 150,000 Da Calibration range
1,000 – 50,000 Da
Theoretical plate number
per meter
100,000 Used with BioCore SEC-150 Guard Column


Determination of molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of low-molecular-weight heparins.

Compendial methods:

  • USP <2027> Heparin Sodium, Section D. Molecular Weight Determinations
  • USP <1511> Enoxaparin Sodium, Section D. Molecular Weight Distribution and Weight-Average Molecular Weight
  • USP <209> Low Molecular Weight Heparin Molecular Weight Determinations
  • EP <0828> Heparins, Low-molecular-mass, Section C. Size-exclusion chromatography

Order information:

Cat. # Description Qty.
B213-050015-07830S-HP BioCore SEC-150HP Analytical Column, 150 Å, 5 μm, 7.8×300 mm Each
B213-050015-04601S-HP BioCore SEC-150 Guard Column, 5 μm, 4.6×10 mm Each
Guard-04601S BioCore Guard Column Cartridge Each


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