Welcome to Asnail’s global website. Asnail’s products are mainly reagents, so the shipment is very critical for us to deliver these products to you.

  • We use logistics services such as FedEx, TNT and DHL. However, the available services may change, depending on your country.
  • Heparinases must be stored in -20 degree Celsius, so we use dry ice as coolant during shipment. On receipt, these enzymes must be stored in a laboratory refrigerator.
  • Coagulation factors, antithrombin must be stored in 2 to 8 degree Celsius for long-term storage. We use ice bags for coolant during shipment, although they are safe in room temperature for short-time shipment.
  • Chromogenic substrates are safe in room temperature.

Thanks again for your interest in Asnail’s products.