Chromogenic Substrates for Factor VIII Assay

Asnail now offers chromogenic substrates (S-2222 and S-2765) for factor VIII assay. The chromogenic assay is recommended for clinical diagnosis of haemophilia, monitoring factor replacement therapies and potency assignment of recombinant factor VIII.

Coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) performs a critical role in the intrinsic blood coagulation pathway. The typical quantitative chromogenic assay for coagulation factor VIII is specified in European Pharmacopoeia, as a two-stage procedure.

Chromogenic Assay of Factor VIII

In this assay, coagulation factor VIII first catalyzes the transformation of factor X into its activated form, factor Xa, which in turn catalyzes the release of pNA from the substrate (S-2222 or S-2765). The potency of coagulation factor VIII is deduced by measuring the chromophore, pNA.

Asnail now offers two chromogenic substrates for this assay.

Chromogenic Substrates for Coagulation Testing

Asnail now offers chromogenic substrates in gram grade for coagulation testing.

These large-quantity chromogenic substrates can be used in chromogenic assay kits.

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Chromogenic Assays for Heparin

Asnail now offers a wide range of reagents used in chromogenic assays for heparin.

Chromogenic Substrates

Asnail’s chromogenic substrates including:

S-2238, Chromogenic Substrate for Thrombin

S-2222, Chromogenic Substrate for Factor Xa

S-2765, Chromogenic Substrate for Factor Xa

Coagulation Factors

Asnail’s coagulation factors including:

Activated Factor X (FXa)

Alpha-Thrombin (FIIa)


Asnail provides human antithrombin for both anti-FIIa and anti-FXa assays.

Human Antithrombin

With our expertise in heparin analysis, we also offer technical support with regard to chromogenic assays for heparin and LMWHs.

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Asnail offers Abciximab

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Asnail now officially offers Abciximab for research and development use.

Abciximab (ReoPro) is a glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonist involved in coagulation cascade. Along with our heparinases and chromogenic substrates, we offer Abciximab for coagulation testing.

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Our new website aims to providing customers with high-quality products, used in application such as heparin analysis and coagulation testing.

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