Chromogenic Substrates for Factor VIII Assay

Asnail now offers chromogenic substrates (S-2222 and S-2765) for factor VIII assay. The chromogenic assay is recommended for clinical diagnosis of haemophilia, monitoring factor replacement therapies and potency assignment of recombinant factor VIII.

Coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) performs a critical role in the intrinsic blood coagulation pathway. The typical quantitative chromogenic assay for coagulation factor VIII is specified in European Pharmacopoeia, as a two-stage procedure.

Chromogenic Assay of Factor VIII

In this assay, coagulation factor VIII first catalyzes the transformation of factor X into its activated form, factor Xa, which in turn catalyzes the release of pNA from the substrate (S-2222 or S-2765). The potency of coagulation factor VIII is deduced by measuring the chromophore, pNA.

Asnail now offers two chromogenic substrates for this assay.

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