Found in 2017, Beijing Asnail Biotechnology Co., Ltd provides a comprehensive range of products and services for the heparin industry, including quality Control, raw material procurement, production technology ,research and development, regulatory compliance and training.

Asnail’s products for heparin analysis include:

Asnail’s products for coagulation testing include:

Asnail’s Materials include:

Crude Heparin /Heparin/ Enoxaparin /Nadroparin /Dalteparin

Service include:

Technology transfer of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Evaluation Of Consistency & Immunogenicity reserch

We also distribute poduct of famous brand include:

Agilent/Shimadzu/ThermoFisher/Waters/YMC/Astec/Phenomenon/Tosoh/and many more columns or consumables!


Asnail is headquartered in Beijing, with manufacturing facilities in China.

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