Heparin Analysis

Asnail manufactures high-quality reagents fro heparin analysis.

  • Heparinases, heparin disaccharides and oligosaccharides for determining 1,6-anhydro derivatives in enoxaparin sodium.
  • Chromogenic substrates (S-2222, S-2238 and S-2765), activated factor X (FXa), thrombin (FIIa) and antithrombin (AT) for determining anti-FXa and anti-FIIa potencies in heparin products.
  • Heparin polysaccharides for determining molecular weight distribution of heparin.
  • HPLC columns: SAX columns for determining 1,6-anhydro species in enoxaparin sodium, and SEC columns for determining molecular weight distributions of heparin and LMWHs.
  • PCR kits for determining animal origins of crude heparin.