S-2444,Chromogenic Substrates for Urokinase


Urokinase chromogenic substrate S-2444 is a short peptide covalently bound to pNA (4-nitroaniline). A free pNA will be cleaved off the peptide chain by Urokinase, thus enabling quantitive detection by a spectrophotometer.

Asnail provides S-2444 for Urokinase activity assay of coagulants.


Origin Synthesis Appearance white or light yellow lyophilized powder
CAS number 72194-52-6 Purity ≥99%, by HPLC
Molecular formula pyro-Glu-Gly-Arg-pNA·HCl Solubility ≥ 10 mg/mL (in pure water)
Molecular weight 462.5 Da Absorption coefficient A405nm ≤ 0.120 [L/(g·cm)]

Order information:

Cat. # Description Qty.
AS00-0110 S-2444, Chromogenic Substrate for Urokinase 10×25 mg

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