Chromogenic Assays for Heparin

Asnail now offers a wide range of reagents used in chromogenic assays for heparin.

Chromogenic Substrates

Asnail’s chromogenic substrates including:

S-2238, Chromogenic Substrate for Thrombin

S-2222, Chromogenic Substrate for Factor Xa

S-2765, Chromogenic Substrate for Factor Xa

Coagulation Factors

Asnail’s coagulation factors including:

Activated Factor X (FXa)

Alpha-Thrombin (FIIa)


Asnail provides human antithrombin for both anti-FIIa and anti-FXa assays.

Human Antithrombin

With our expertise in heparin analysis, we also offer technical support with regard to chromogenic assays for heparin and LMWHs.

For more information, please contact us.

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